Pastry and ice-cream showcases characterized by the innovative system of automatic or manual opening of the operator side glass to access the refrigerated compartment (patented system).


Designer: Fabrizio Milesi

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Glass structure opening system

Glass structure on the operator side can be opened through a patented power-assisted system


Ventilated refrigeration with high humidity oversized system

Glass structure

Extra-clear glass structure

Move16 is available in several linear modules (900, 1300, 1700, 2150 for pastry and 1150, 1650 and 2150 for ice-cream), the tanks are monolithic coated in steel and insulated with ecological polyurethane, the display area is in polished steel but it can be customized in materials and finishes. The glass display case is completely transparent and the 3000K no-spot strip LED lighting is perfectly integrated in the welded micro-profile that goes down perimeter from the top to the sides. The pastry display cases are ventilated and have the evaporator unit lifting system to guarantee the perfect cleaning of the tank bottom.