I AM 4: the space between form and material

A new issue of the house organ CIAM is available for download. I AM 4 is a journey in balance between several dimensions, a hidden language that is decoded through a key that has always been a pillar of all things: art. The latest edition of the magazine explores the space between form and material, aesthetics and function and other elements that have always been considered opposites, but are actually essential parts of design and the experiences it produces.

Matteo Brioni, material designer of the eponymous brand, opens the issue with an editorial that investigates the basis of these relationships through his experience.

CIAM’s design evolves into a true philosophy of custom, experienced as a universe of unique elements seamlessly connected, because they are always thought of as parts of a whole.

The project Cloud & Co., Doha, Qatar, embodies in its vibrant and surrealist spaces this desire to create new worlds in which the excellence of CIAM products reflects a wide-ranging artistic value that straddles architecture, sculpture and painting.

The exclusive interview with Joseph Grima deepens and broadens the vision on the current meaning of custom, and the new project “The Right Choice”, the result of the collaboration with pastry chef Damiano Carrara, Brand Ambassador, tells the importance of CIAM’s choice to include in this process of unique creations the professionals who use its products.

The latest issue, available here for download.