Move22 represents the technical and stylistic evolution of the Move 16 model. This innovative refrigerated display case for fresh pastries, chocolate and ice cream can also be positioned in the center of the room, making the product visible on all sides, thanks to the presence of a large glass gantry. The glass case can be opened downwards by means of a patented Ciam system.

Designer: Fabrizio Milesi

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Automatic opening

By touching the integrated buttons on the LED micro-lamp, the rear case automatically slides down allowing the operator access to the refrigerated compartment.


Ventilated refrigeration with increased humidity system

Glass gantry

Heated glass gantry with NoFog system

Move22 is available in several linear modules (900, 1300, 1700, 2100 for the pastry shops and 1150, 1650, 2150 for ice cream parlors); the tanks are monolithic, coated in steel and insulated with ecological polyurethane; the display area is in polished steel, but can be customized in materials and finishes. The glass case is completely transparent and the 3000°K no-spot LED strip lighting is perfectly integrated in the welded micro-profile that runs on the perimeter from the top to the sides. The pastry display cabinets are ventilated and have an evaporator unit lifting system to guarantee perfect cleaning of the the tank bottom. This display case is equipped with a push-button panel located on the LED micro-lamp, which allows the rear display case to be opened with an automatic downward sliding movement, designed to allow the operator to access the refrigerated compartment. Move22 showcases have been conceived to lend themselves to the widest variety of customization, in order to satisfy every need. The monolithic display surface and the rear part of the air outlet, in addition to the standard polished and satin-finished steel finishes, can be covered in mirror, gres, acrylic, epoxy powder coated steel or electroplated steel.