Exclusive Zero

Exclusive Zero series refrigerated cabinets meet all multi-level refrigerated wall display needs, with a wide range of customizations in finishes.

The design and technology of this family of refrigerated cabinets make the product flexible to various product applications: white wines and champagnes, red wines, packaged meats, cured meats and cheese, and fresh pastries.

Designer: Ciam Lab

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Zero Doors

Triple-glazed thermal doors, which ensure an airtight seal


Brushed steel shelves adjustable on rack rods


The refrigeration is ventilated with wall-mounted system, the flow of the air intake and air throw passes through the perforations in the back

Exclusive Zero refrigerated cabinets are at positive temperature and available in 4 lengths (780, 1480, 2180, 2880 mm). they are available in 3 depths: 740 - 580 - 400mm. The refrigeration system is ventilated with the evaporator placed in the back. The tanks are monolithic and insulated with environmentally friendly polyurethane. Standard sides are solid, but can be supplied in double-glazing upon request.

Zero-type doors are triple-glazed thermal and have a flush-wall feature. Upon request, the doors can be equipped with the classic mechanical key lock, or electronic locking with Rfid badges can be supplied.

The shelves are adjustable in height and are made of bent steel in their standard version. You can customize Exclusive Zero refrigerated cabinets not only in size, but also through the wide range of existing shelves (as many as 12 types). It is also possible to request interior finishes with RAL epoxy paint or with the use of stoneware.

The standard interior finish is satin-finished steel. Lighting is indirect integrated into the door frame with 3000°K no-spot LED strips. The Zero system allows the insertion of wall murals flush with the wall upon request. The doors are supplied with RAL 7021 screen printing that can be customized upon request.

Exclusive Zero cabinets can be channeled in aesthetic continuity, equipping them with intermediate double-glazed sidewall integrated between the refrigerated modules, or sequentially, with double solid sidewall.

The patented Slide system is applicable to the Exclusive family.