The return of innovation signed by Ciam at Sigep 2023

CIAM returned to the eagerly awaited edition of Sigep 2023, and did so with ambitious news. From January 21 to 25, the CIAM booth garnered great acclaim for a level of excellence that continues to confirm and evolve in the direction of innovation.

The goal of the last period was to deconstruct and reconstruct according to new paradigms and visions the very form of the dolce, the beauty of the interaction experience, and the use by the operator.

At this 44th edition of Sigep, CIAM presented the Pozzetto Gelato Circle and Pozzetto Gelato IceScreen counter series. Circle combines tradition and innovation for perfect cold: the counter series consists of 6 linear modules and the lids represent the heart of the project, for their original design style that distinguishes CIAM’s pozzetti from all others on the market. The lids, design by Fabrizio Milesi, are available in the two versions Sopra Piano, standing on the countertop, and Filo Piano, perfectly coplanar to the countertop, and offer a wide range of customization possibilities. IceScreen is the new digital dimension of the ice cream pozzetto counter: it features insulated, tilting doors hinged into the worktop with soft-closing, and video communication and graphics videowalls integrated with the doors. The user can customize the graphics of the ice cream flavors transmitted in the 13″ videowalls via a special web application; once the configuration is chosen, the user downloads the videos, which he or she then transfers to the monitors via a special USB drive.

We captured the CIAM experience and news at Sigep 2023 in a video, happy to have made a full return to this event where we have always brought what we do best: innovation.