Standard Refrigerated Counters Bar

Refrigerated counters for cold and frozen application.

Designer: CIAM Lab

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Technical compartment

Narrow compressor compartment, using eco-friendly R290 gas and removable filter condenser


The doors and drawers have the same size of the module, thus improving the design with a wide possibility of customization.

Touch control unit

Touch control unit provided as standard

The BAR series includes a wide range of refrigerated modules: the door size is 500mm for 6 lengths, 3 are the depths and 5 heights. There are 4 types of refrigeration: cold static with coil, frozen application with coil, cold ventilated and frozen ventilated application. The modules have standard solid doors, but on request it is possible to equip them with glass doors, drawers and glazed drawers. The counter is composed of a stainless steel profile with height-adjustable feet. Basements H650 | 750 | 850 can be supplied with stainless steel top.