Exclusive 74MA Dry Aging

Positive temperature refrigerated wall cabinets for meat dry aging.

Designer: Ciam Lab

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Premium double-glazed glass doors without central upright

Ciam Touch Pro

Ciam Touch Pro control panel to activate working areas with adjustable and monitorable temperatures and humidity levels


Brushed stainless steel interior

The Exclusive wall cabinets have been re-designed introducing some technical, constructive and dimensional principles that will allow to quickly and flexibly manage all the cases of personalization. The tanks are monolithic and available in the following standard lengths: 600, 1200, 1800. Refrigeration is ventilated with a finned evaporator and electronic valve with the integration of a humidification and bacterial abatement system. The digital control of the cabinet through a touch panel allows the operator to record and monitor different meat maturing plans. Exclusive wall cabinets have Premium doors (projecting double-glazed glass door, aluminum profile and PVC frame) without central upright and with supplementary lighting integrated on the door. The shelves are in satin stainless steel with an adjustable system on rack rods. The standard interior finishes are in satin stainless steel. The indirect lighting is vertical inserted on the door frame with 3000°K no-spot strip LED.