The era of a patented CIAM revolution.

CIAM’s patented innovations revolutionize refrigeration systems down to the smallest details, with a family of products in which each new technical functionality also becomes an aesthetic sign, transforming interaction into an element of design.

Glass structure model G1

The innovative G1 riser, applicable to 6040 and FLAT showcases, is characterized by a sliding top glass with “soft-closing” opening and closing that allows sliding through two aluminium side rails with integrated 3000K no spot led lighting. Improved ease of use and cleaning thanks to the plexiglass flap on the operator side with magnetic hooking and glass top on the customer side that can be opened upwards thanks to 2 micro hinges in polished steel. Attention also to the design with single-span glass structure up to 2150mm in length without central upright.

Glass structure model Move16

Move16 appears as a perfect casket where the product is the real protagonist. The opening is made by sliding the glass case downwards on the operator’s side through a complex system of manually or automatically controlled levers. A brass micro-ceiling with integrated no spot 3000K LEDs lighting acts as a frame for the fixed glass case.

Motorized glass structure for Mirror

All the glasses in the Mirror display case are laminated and heated with concealed resistances. The opening is made by raising the upper laminated glass top with a mechanical motorized rack and pinion system. The 3000K no spot LED lighting runs on two cylindrical micro profiles in polished aluminium that integrate perfectly into the profile of the display case.


For Jewellery, great attention is paid to displaying the product flush with the flat surface thanks to thermodynamics with coplanar air supply and air intake. The drawer is opened with soft closing system. All the glasses are heated thanks to CIAM’s anti-condensation patent without visible resistances.

Adjustable shelves on motorized rack and pinion

CIAM has developed an innovative system for the regulation of the shelves inside the FLAT and 6040 showcases with low voltage electrified rack and pinion profiles that allow the power supply of the no-spot 3000K led micro-ceiling light without the help of electric wires. Thanks to a special hooking it is possible to adjust the shelves both in height and depth.