dna design GelatoWall



design: Simone Micheli

Translating the complexity of our time into simplicity is possible.
Giving new representation through dynamic design and directing projects to an intelligent use of technology is revolutionary.

The future of gelato becomes your present: GelatoWall, the product with unique features that encloses all the innovative and interactive universe of CIAM.

The first vertical plug-in pozzetto for scoopable ice cream.

Born from the encounter of CIAM’s know-how with Simone Micheli’s design, GelatoWall is a refrigerated vertical cabinet for frozen application (-18°C) with a high-efficiency ventilated refrigeration system, particularly suitable for artisan scoopable gelato. A product whose technology and the simplification of all operational processes represent the heart of its design.

A new way of seeing ice cream

Once the choice of flavors was linked to the vision of the real product, with GelatoWall the choice passes through a virtual channel. The videowalls flush installed in the mirror paneling are programmable through a dedicated software, the interactive graphics allow the visualization of the ice cream flavors and other contents to be chosen.

Space-saving design

The lateral storage modules are multifunctional with arrangement for the connection of various tools such as cream whipper and cash. The finish is in brushed steel with sink and hopper for separated waste on one side, on the other side a storage module is mounted, equipped with doors and glass adjustable shelves.

Patented automation at the service of functionality

Access to the refrigerated compartment is through insulated doors with automated opening managed by a practical laser detection: a tool patented by CIAM, which frees the operator from all possible discomfort, opening as he approaches and returning to the closed position once he has left. The system is provided with the ecological gas R455a, a solution with which CIAM systems achieve a very low environmental impact (GWP <150).

The refrigerated compartment is designed to hold dispensers for ice cream cups and cones of various sizes, so the operator has everything needed to package the product in a practical and functional way. 

Cooling technology

The completely closed structure and ventilated refrigeration lead to perfect temperature equalization, the best condition for scoopable ice cream. The carapins, as for the wells, are cylindrical 10lt in double row with storage.

The new Touch control unit allows a perfect thermal control to keep the ice cream always workable at the correct temperature.

GelatoWall is equipped with CIAM Connect, the integrated solution to remotely control and manage all functions. CIAM Connect allows SIM data communication without the need to connect the refrigeration system with wi-fi or the premises internet network, allows to download operating charts and monitor alarms and product performance directly online. It also adds the certified arrangement to take advantage of the tax benefits provided by the National Plan Industra 4.0 (Italian law).

A new purchasing experience

Giving the best experience to the end customer means building an experience where total autonomy is possible. GelatoWall can be integrated with an EasyPay payment system for customer choice of ice cream packaging, who selects preferred options from the touchscreen totem and can instantly process payment by card. 

A coordinated desk for counter service

GelatoWall features a storage serving counter with an acrylic top and mirrored front panel with backlit logo. The top can be equipped with a flush monitor for order management.

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