"Gelatowall represents the manifesto of a thought of mine: to translate the complexity of our time into simplicity. It is a content and expressive representation that alters the known stereotype of presentation and serving of ice cream. It expresses with simplicity, essentiality, and communicative strength the sense of enhancement of the product to be served in super contemporary ways of perception and use. By means of its dimensional and ergonomic dynamics, it makes it possible to create an extraordinary and super attractive ice-cream parlour in places where it would never be possible to create it. It is characterized by an intelligent use of technology that makes this system smart. It is a compact and perfect machine where everything is studied with skill and attention to ensure maximum efficiency and functionality. It represents a new possible future for the way of serving ice cream, but not only! "

Simone Micheli Architect

Designer: Simone Micheli

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Automatic opening

The refrigerated compartment can be accessed through insulated doors with automated opening


The external panelling in mirrored glass is designed for the installation of programmable video walls

Side modules

The lateral appendages have been designed to be containing and functional in addition to the possibility of closing them with the aluminum shutters with lock

Refrigerated vertical cabinet for frozen application (-18 °C) | molded heat-insulated tank made of ecological polyurethane and coated with s/s | fan ventilated refrigeration system | reverse-cycle automatic, electric, programmed defrosting | available with built-in C.U. | prearrangement for 10lt steel round tubs with storage | prearrangement for ice cream cups and cones dispenser insertion | access to the refrigerated compartment through insulated doors with automatic opening with laser detection (patented system) and related control unit | solid sides | internal matt black finishing | internal lighting with 3000°K diffused LED | electronic touch control unit | external mirror glass panneling with prearrangement for videowall insertion programmable through specific software for ice cream flavours insertion and interactive graphics | side modules in brushed steel with sink, hopper for separated waste, doors on storage module, adjustable glass shelves, electrical outlets | modules lighting with 3000°K diffused LED | modules finishing in brushed stainless steel | n. 2 aluminum shutters for the hermetic closure of each side of the cabinet | galvanized steel base with casters and height-adjustable feet.