R&D Ice Design Live Stations


Ice Design Live Stations

Ice Design represents the new frontier of the ice cream shop, which makes a new way of producing an emotional ice cream simple and possible.

Ice Design Live Stations are multifunctional workstations with a soft and clean design. The Stations were designed by the creative Raffaele De Angelis and selected and included in INDEX 2019 to compete for the Compasso d’Oro 2019 Award, the most authoritative Italian design award in the world.

The product has also been included in the exhibition and multimedia itinerary created at the Leonardo Da Vinci National Museum of Science and Technology, which collects and expresses the Italian design excellence of the last year.

The stations introduce new concepts that allow professionals in the ice cream sector to create in front of their customers real Live Show Cooking shows for the preparation of traditional and gourmet ice creams, semifreddo, cakes, sticks and slush; it is also possible to prepare centrifuges and extractors.

ICE DESIGN Live Stations will allow the operators to customize the configuration of the stations, being able to integrate the equipment according to the desired show cooking; it will be possible to set up the station with a vertical batch freezer, with a horizontal batch freezer, with a cold plate, with a tempering-polisher, with the ice cream wells as well as the yoghurt trays and will have the possibility to integrate a positive/negative refrigerator.