Rò World – Nola


Nola, NA, Italy 2020 Eurobar srl

It was inaugurated in Nola the Rò World, with the aim of offering a wide range of food and wine “experiences” to a demanding and selected clientele.

The design work carried out by the company Eurobar srl in collaboration with “Studio Archò”, has led to the creation of a very large space with highly contemporary stylistic lines, which borrow formal details from the 60s, enriched by a wide range of materials and finishes of the most modern: the abundant use of stoneware both on horizontal surfaces and coating surfaces; the massive use of characterizing elements and details in brass, canaletto walnut wood and intense colors on shades of petrol green.

CIAM technology was chosen to set up the spaces, in particular in the premises we find: Move16 display cabinets for the storage and display of pastry and praline products, vertical Murozero display cabinets with lacquered interior for the proposal of great pastry; the entire bar area consists of a series of back counters completely customized in the same colour as the Compact model with tops in Fenix and skirting in tone.

In the display area for take-away catering and gastronomy, three Flat TS model showcases have been set up with a continuous display.

Finally, in the middle of the room there is a Brilliant model refrigerated cabinet for the display of a selection of wines and sparkling wines. The cabinet is made in matt black finish, with brushed brass inserts.

Photo credits: Giampaolo Pauselli