DeliKatessen Kaviari – François Miron, Parigi


Parigi, Francia 2021 Cameleon Concept

For more than 40 years, Kaviari has been accompanying the world’s greatest chefs and starred restaurants and is one of the most important traders of caviar and seafood.
Kaviari selects the best caviars at the source. The grains are refined in its Paris workshops and then packaged in numbered tins.
On the initiative of its general manager Karin Nebot, daughter of the brand’s founder, Kaviari decided to broaden its clientele by targeting non-professionals: this is where the idea of the delicatessen, renamed DeliKatessen, was born! Kaviari drew on the experience of an existing chain with which it had merged: Autour Du Saumon, already a client of Cameleon Concept.
To create this new concept, Kaviari relied on the expertise of Cameleon Concept and Ciam in the design and implementation of sales lines, refrigerated display cases and back counters, as well as the know-how of design agency b+f for the overall design of the premises.
For the latest Autour Du Saumon store located in rue François Miron, in the famous Marais district, the historic heart of the French capital, refrigerated display cases were chosen to harmonize with the surrounding décor.
The refrigerated display case in the catering area is a 6040 range display case.
To give it the desired “Deli” look, it was customized with a sloped front glass and decorative satin stainless steel corners on the edges of the panes.
The new NO FOG technology eliminates the need for a baffle and is very convenient for the customer, making cleaning easier.
A slanted display tray was chosen for the salmon display. The countertop on the service side is made of Carrara marble.
Under this display case, we placed a refrigerated and ventilated storage area with a 100 cm long drawer, ideal for storing whole packaged salmon.
At the back of the counter, a stainless steel cabinet was created with all the functions necessary for sales (refrigerated storage, sinks, storage…) and a -5°C refrigerated element with two doors was placed for storing boxes of caviar: WALL COMPACT GLASS. This element was customized with a mirror screen printing, two levels of shelves and locks to keep the goods safe. The objective was to position the storage in the sales area, at the ideal temperature and make it visible to the customer.
This area also features a ventilated wall-mounted refrigerated display case from the CLASSIC OPEN range. It is entirely made in satin-finished stainless steel and customized with solid oak shelves to better integrate it with the surrounding furniture. Its presence near the cash register increases additional sales: wines, canned goods, various pre-packaged preparations, etc.
The next area to be installed is the Coffee-Shop, which features a TORTUGA 3 refrigerated display case, ventilated on 4 levels and equipped with Frameless glass gantry, decorative stainless steel corners on the left and right edges and a decorative marble edge.
The back counter, which is entirely made of stainless steel, is composed of a refrigerated storage compartment, a sink, a wastebasket and ambient storage.

Photo Credits: ©Daniel Moulinet