Atelier Damiano Carrara – Lucca


Lucca, Italy 2021 Chiara Paolicchi - Studio Ark

A universe narrated by glass, personality and technology. Pastry chef Damiano Carrara, brand ambassador of CIAM, has opened his first Italian Atelier in his hometown, Lucca. After the Carrara Pastries and the long experience in the USA, Carrara came back with the will to create an elegant and engaging elegant and appealing space, far from the schemes of the traditional pastry shop. The name itself, Atelier Damiano Carrara, suggests the closeness to a sartorial experience, which focuses at the same time on taste and aesthetics. A real boutique that plays with transparencies and fluid movements, as if everything inside moved as in a perfect and harmonic ecosystem. The marble and rose gold finishes create an otherworldly environment, detached from reality, in which to focus only on our senses, all involved by the chef’s iconic products, which give a new key to traditional and modern pastry. CIAM refrigerated display cases not only fit into, but are the protagonists of this enchanted universe. With an extreme customization that has met the design requirements, the refrigeration systems are the perfect technical ally for maintaining the optimal conditions of the products they contain. At the same time, they are transformed into stages on which the interaction and performance of sweets, pralines, chocolates and all the art of Carrara takes place. These are displays of unique beauty, which, thanks to CIAM’s patented technologies, make for a perfect presentation in all circumstances.

The products chosen by Damiano Carrara for his location in Lucca in particular are two Murozero Slide cabinets, with internal steel finishings with rose gold electroplating treatment and external wallpaper covering, three Mirror model display cases for pastries and pralines, with internal and external steel finishings with rose gold electroplating treatment. This composition has been placed in the middle of the room complete with end modules, for a total length of 4,190 mm.
Finally, service cabinets (cash desk, service cabinet and two service cabinets with custom sizes) with exteriors in rose gold electroplated finish have been realized.