Space Alcova – Design Week 2019


Milan, Italy 2019 Fabrizio Milesi

From Cova Factory to Alcova Space, from the production of panettone to the production of concepts, ideas, dialogues, reflections and beauty. The desire to maintain the fascinating decadence of an industrial archaeology as a backdrop to the most innovative design products demonstrates the ability to look to the future, infusing innovation and concurrence.

It was with this spirit that we participated in the creative performance where Fabrizio Milesi imagined a highly balanced and symmetrical set design that confronts the almost sacred monumentality of this space, characterised by a perfect symmetry of elements, the two large concrete beams and the vaulted roof above.

A space built with two of the most symbolic products from CIAM’s recent research: Murozero Slide (a vertical refrigerated cabinet with flush sliding doors, selected by the ADI Design Index 2018) and Move16 (a horizontal counter with automatically-opening glass cabinets). The super-glossy stainless steel finish of the two Move16 has completely dematerialised their dimensions, making them ethereal, almost transparent, and, with their reflective surface, multiplying the movements of visitors within the space; these two counters arranged one in front of the other gently direct one’s gaze towards the large Murozero Slide with a monochrome matte finish that stands out like a theatrical backdrop against the back wall. At the centre, a monolithic concrete element organises the flow of people, and is set up as a large seat.

The comparison between materials and concepts, between containers and contents, is surprising about this project: the lucidity of the steel converses with the sense of mass-production taken from the sheet metal of the floor, the roughness of the monolith with the softness of the opaque paint, the large prefabricated concrete beams create tension with the fragility of the small pastry sheets, transparent works by Francesca Sarti, carefully preserved inside the CIAM products.