Fuorisalone 2019. CIAM at Alcova With the Keeping life project.

28 MARCH 2019

During the occasion of Fuorisalone 2019 will be open to the public Keeping life, an encounter with design, nature and food which will take place in the exclusive scenario of Alcova Milano and that sees the collaboration between CIAM and the food designer Francesca Sarti, founder of Arabeschi di Latte.

An event inspired by a fascinating concept, more and more contemporary such as the one of conservation which is also at the base of CIAM’s identity, as well as the concepts of soil phytoremediation, natural technology that represent the heart of the art works created by Sarti’s brand.

In a rigorous space designed by Fabrizio Milesi, geniality and nature create a fluid dance of metaphors in which Francesca Sarti’ s edible sculptures and technological sculptures branded CIAM become protagonists.

Organic shapes, inspired by the same nature they develop from, are hosted inside design refrigerated and highly innovative showcases, which are able to extend the food life circle ensuring organoleptic qualities and aesthetic perfection: result of CIAM’s research and experience.

Not just the museum cases in which art works are exhibited, but also the womb which conserves life.

09 – 14 APRIL 2019
ALCOVA, Spazio 8 – Via Popoli Uniti, 11
Opening hours: 11.00 – 19.00