CIAM receives award for best MF Milano Finanza rating in Umbria

The Leanus data for 2020-2022 speak for themselves: CIAM is the highest scoring SME in Umbria, winning the prestigious award from MF Milano Finanza.

On Feb. 7, at the Motore Italia National Awards event, the ranking of Italian SMEs according to the Leanus rating was made public. The best ones are entitled to a special honor, symbolizing the commitment to growth, research and development that Italian entrepreneurs put forth every day, forming the beating heart of the country’s industrial fabric. One representative awarded for each region, and receiving this important recognition, for Umbria, was CIAM. Picking up the award on this important stage that marks the revival of Italian small and medium-sized enterprises in the three-year post-pandemic period, went up Federico Malizia, the CEO of CIAM: a witness and a guide who has been able to achieve incredible results with his project of innovation and business leadership.

In the interview with Federico Malizia that took place after the award ceremony, the CEO was asked how CIAM had managed to achieve this important recognition and such a high rating that it came first in its region. – My goal has always been to make the company solid and well capitalized to compete in international markets,” Malizia says. – They love made-in-Italy products abroad, especially high-end manufacturing products. In the last 10 years, Ciam has increased its equity tenfold and has gone from a marginal export share of 10 % to over 60 % in FY 2023. I am, therefore, really happy and proud that the fruit of such a great effort has received this prestigious award from one of the leading entities operating in communication and finance. I dedicate this award to my family and the family represented by all my employees. –

The award received during “Motore Italia Nazionale – The Enterprises that Move the Country,” marks a new milestone in CIAM’s journey and growth story, and we want to thank all the people who are part of it.