Reflections from the Future at Milan Design Week.

Different dimensions opening up in the same time and space, possible futures and unprecedented experiences. REFLECTIONS FROM THE FUTURE is the concept that CIAM brings to Milan Design Week 2022: reflections that come directly from the future and become bearers of a reality in which design, nature and automation come together creating a new order of things. The CIAM mirror reflects the different representations of multiple presents that already speak the language of the future, and from June 6 to 12 it will be the protagonist of this new narrative at the awaited edition of Milan Design Week.


The space at 1 Via Simone Saint Bon becomes once again the scene of an event involving brands, designers and artists from all over the world: Alcova. The set designed for Ciam by Art Director Fabrizio Milesi guides to discover the future through the mirror and to enjoy the installation by Laila Gohar/Gohar World. With THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS, CIAM breaks limits and dimensions of time and space, opening itself completely to a fluid revolution that looks beyond the individual product and beyond matter.


GelatoWall, the newest and most revolutionary product that encloses CIAM’s innovative and interactive universe will be part of the Hotel Regeneration – Hybrid Restaurant set-up. In addition to the smart system designed by Simone Micheli, a series of CIAM showcases will make up the set of the bar area: a Table counter will house a recessed display case model T-Move, while the back counter will be composed of the new Compact bases, complemented by two Spirit shelves in backlit glass.

The magnificent future seen by CIAM in reflections is already transforming into the present-we invite you to be a part of it!