Gelato Day 2022

Spotlight on ice cream.

A symbol of Italian excellence, a European record for taste, technique and innovation: artisan gelato is more than just an iconic summer food. After overcoming the cultural barrier of seasonality in recent years, the artisan gelato supply chain has experienced a great economic recovery and its specialty is celebrated on March 24 with Gelato Day, the only day so far dedicated to a food by the European Parliament.

Italian quality, however, is not only found in the extraordinary flavors created by master gelato makers: Italy is the world leader in the field of refrigeration technologies that allow for the constant evolution of this excellence. Machines, equipment and patents for ice cream are an international heritage that is worth a productive export of 70%.

The future of gelato is increasingly present and proves once again to reward those who push their thinking beyond the limits.

CIAM wishes you a happy Gelato Day 2022!

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