Damiano Carrara: the new Ciam Brand Ambassador

The famous Pastry Chef Damiano Carrara meets CIAM innovation, its image and style. 

Choosing each other as companions on a journey means working side by side and being able to look in the same direction.

The collaboration between Ciam and Damiano Carrara was born from his need to find reliable partners, able to understand both the technical and design requirements necessary to ensure a spectacular exhibition of the product.  

The refrigeration systems branded CIAM, chosen by the Pastry Chef from Lucca for his exclusive pastry shops, represent the great ability in costumisation and design based on the unique characteristics of the contemporary pastry chef. 

“The Right Choice” is the name of a communication project which will be the protagonist of the CIAM’s editorial plan in the coming weeks. The project will be focused on some key points of CIAM DNA, expressed through the experience of a world-famous pastry chef, Damiano Carrara.