Ciam’s corporate Welfare continues with “Put your heart in the lead”

Fitness courses and specialist visits, so at Ciam we give value to the human capital in this way.
With the initiative “Put your heart in the lead”, our corporate welfare programme continues, which, through targeted prevention and screening actions, enables us to progress along the path of conscious improvement of our lifestyle.
At CIAM headquarters in Petrignano di Assisi, an utter importance is dedicated to the care of the body and the serenity of the employees.

After having undertaken different initiatives such as the delivery of organic food, a dinner for two people at local country houses, the delivery of sporting goods and the days of prevention and well-being, this year it was time to “Put your heart in the lead”. Employees were given heart-prevention check-ups in the company such as electrocardiogram and some other cardiac examinations. An efficient, fast and satisfying service for the safety and serenity of Ciam employees.

By benefitting from the available spaces and rooms inside the company, it was possible to host three medical specialists and to divide the Prevention service into three separate stations. Moreover, the listening point with the Logicamed Welfare Managers, always highly appreciated by the employees, allowed to give voice to the requests and needs of people, as well as giving the opportunity to express the satisfaction rate of the gift offered.

Finally, the fitness programme “Let’s get fit to change the pace” was included, which aims to increase the tone and energy of your body and will be carried out by the Fitness Group “Put your heart in the lead”: 10 weeks of meetings inside the company to increase movement and sport in daily life.

The first initiatives carried out have already turned out to be greatly successful, thanks also to the team spirit that only a cutting-edge company can create by trusting its people and sharing its spaces in order to improve the quality of life of its employees.