Icedesign: the exaltation of ice cream

ICEDESIGN, the new ice cream pan in a Pure Acrylic Stone, was born from the collaboration with the designer Raffaele De Angelis to give the counter 6040 Gel Narrow CIAM a new emotional essence. The modular coplanar system combines style and dynamics with thermal resistance.
BETACRYL® Pure Acrylic Stone is a solid surface composed of two thirds of aluminium hydroxide and a third of acrylic resin and natural colouring pigments, for a consistency similar to stone.
The ice cream tubs become an indispensable complement and an integral part of the point of sale communication, making the multi-purpose floor suitable with full and empty parts, cylindrical, oval and classic shapes, able to communicate the emotion and dedication hidden behind the product that the ice-cream makers creates every day in his laboratory.
The materials used make ICEDESIGN composite, non-absorbent and non-porous. Aluminium hydroxide provides excellent mechanical resistance, while acrylic resin guarantees permeability, colour stability over time and hygiene in contact with food.