Continues the Welfare program in Ciam

Corporate welfare is a growing model for entrepreneurial realities that have understood the importance of enhancing the company’s internal human resources.
CIAM SpA was among the first companies in Italy to invest in personalized prevention measures, which take into account the real needs of employees, the ultimate goal is to spread the culture of wellbeing and promote the improvement of the quality of people’s life.

In the last few months, thanks to the support of the Logicamed staff (reality that deals with corporate welfare projects) the workers have had the opportunity to carry out, within the company, the “Breath Test” and an Organic Breakfast.
The breath test allows, in an accurate and absolutely non-invasive way, to determine the presence of Helicobacter Pylori, a microorganism that puts the health of the subject at risk and exposes people to various gastric diseases, including chronic ones.
Eating habits affect our health and in particular, breakfast has a fundamental influence on the physical and mental well-being of the worker during the first part of the day. In this regard, CIAM has decided to support good food practices to encourage increasingly healthy individual and family choices.
So much so that the employees were able to enjoy a healthy and organic breakfast prepared with AIAB products (Italian Association for Organic Agriculture) whose beneficial properties were illustrated by a nutritionist who explained the different characteristics of the food and gave valuable advice for a healthy breakfast, which does not give up taste in any way.

Behind the Welfare program pursued by CIAM is therefore the desire to develop a true culture of health and self-care, through the creation, within the workplace, of a model of intervention exclusive composed of screening, educational and convivial moments.