GELATOLIVE: Innovation and Style

GELATOLIVE design is curated by the architect Fabrizio Milesi, born from the meeting of the Cattabriga tradition with the design Ciam.

Present and past come together in this concept, which combines the architectural innovation and materials research to the values of the ice cream maker from the past: the mantecatore and pozzetti return to merge on the same counter, integrating perfectly with harmony and functionality.

An immersive and emotional experience for the “maestro gelatiere” and the customer, both lead characters from production, preparation to tasting the artisan gelato.

The union of the EFFE6 Cattabriga vertical mantecatore and the Pozzetti counter with Ciam’s glycol refrigeration system – whose lids have been completely redesigned – the innovative materials used, such as porcelain gres, make this product an innovative, dynamic and empathetic design model.

Finally, the extra-clear glass structure enhance the preciousness of the top available in either Nero Marquiña or in Bianco statuario.

The first one, extracted from Spanish quarries, presents an intense color with a very compact background crossed by irregular light grey and white veins: details that give the Nero Marquiña marble an original and rich look.

The Bianco Statuario of Carrara is among the most precious marbles in the world, timeless, beloved since ancient times by sculptors and artists. Known throughout the world, this beautiful natural material has been used since the Romans in sculptural art for its brightness and compact structure.