The focus on wine and CIAM innovation narrated in I AM 08

Innovation, technology, wine, and CIAM’s know-how to connect it all: the new issue of I AM talks about the brand’s latest events, products, and projects, with a focus on one of the beverages that symbolizes excellence and Italian-ness around the world.

— Wine will have a future if it can be beautiful, good, well made, sustainable and fair. A wine that is beautiful, that is, capable of conveying the exclusivity of the territory that generates it and where a wine tourism that privileges the human experience is developed; still good, because it is made according to the most modern, efficient and effective technologies; well made, thanks to the harmony of all the production factors; sustainable in its environmental and social dimensions; and fair, that is, one that guarantees respect and dignity to those who create it, contributes with awareness to communicating a unique and unrepeatable identity. —

The new issue of the CIAM house organ opens with the words of Marcello Lunelli, Vice President and CTO Cantine Ferrari. An issue that talks about the latest news of the brand, focusing on one of the protagonists of tables around the world, a symbol of Italian culture and enogastronomic excellence: wine.

I AM 08 remebers the experience of Underground Circle at Alcova, the illuminated space of MDW 2023 designed by Fabrizio Milesi: the evocative set of Room C21 acted as a catalyst for an immersive experience in design related to Pozzetti Gelato Circle. The issue continues with a journey into the vision of Marco Martellotta and his Maka Loft, a contemporary restaurant and multifunctional space created inside Milan’s Scalo Farini. Acclaimed wine critic and sommelier Luca Gardini gives an exclusive interview in which he talks to CIAM about his cultural revolution in the way wine is told. The edition of I AM concludes its collection of inspirations and insights with another project in which CIAM has been a protagonist: Le Radici, the experiential restaurant in Battipaglia, linked with body and soul to the Salerno area.

I AM 08 is a issue that speaks of bonds, dreams, ambitions, and above all, skills that allow them to be consolidated and realized.

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