Reflections of GelatoWall at Milan Design Week.

Hybrid Restaurant, Simone Micheli’s grand event held during Milan Design Week 2022, transformed the space of Officina Ventura 14 into the architect’s personal vision: a meeting point between, technology and sustainability.

CIAM brought to the event its reflections that came directly from the future, placing GelatoWall, the ice cream parlour designed with Simone Micheli that revolutionizes the way of consuming ice cream and interacting with the machine, at the center of the exhibition. A totally autonomous and immersive user-side experience, which with the performance of the refrigeration system maintains the excellence of ice cream while reducing the workload for operators.

During the event, architect Micheli and Federico Malizia, CEO of CIAM, talked about the encounter, synergy and development behind this collaboration that resulted in the vertical system and an iconic universe of mirrors.

The bar area of Hybrid Restaurant was also set up by CIAM with a Table customization made especially for the event, design by Fabrizio Milesi, with T-Move refrigerated display case, Compact counters and Spirit mirrored shelf.