The technology hub with a human heart

In the midst of the uncontaminated nature typical of central Italy, stands a monolithic industrial building with a contemporary character, whose doors are the entrance to a world of innovation and research.

What impresses first entering CIAM is silence: the intense silence made up of minds that think, plan and redesign the relationship between man, machine and nature. CIAM is the company that makes refrigeration systems special, and does so by giving value to its technological and creative process. 

Each product reflects the story of a cerebral, highly-engineered company, for which producing is not the ultimate goal, but the tool with which to evolve. 

“CIAM’s industrial vision is based on two pillars: design and technology, says Federico Malizia, CEO of CIAM. -I believe it is essential to constantly invest in research of solutions that keep up with modern technology to give added value to our products in terms of utility and service as well as style.”

Federico Malizia

A capacity for cooperative development that can be felt throughout the company: the feedback and requests of pastry and ice-cream professionals worldwide become the driving force behind innovative ideas and solutions, transforming the final product into a work of collaboration between CIAM and the user of its refrigeration systems.  This continuous brainstorming leads to design drafts, sketches, prototypes that constitute the flow of an incredible technological know-how from which new industrial possibilities, patents and unique design elements emerge. 

“In recent years only, CIAM’s R&D has developed innovative solutions and patents that have encompassed product technology at its fullest”, continues Malizia, “such as the automations of Move16 and Mirror, the new refrigeration systems including Multix, intensive use of eco-friendly gases, remote communication with refrigerators thanks to CIAM Connect, materials such as NoFog glass, hygiene and safety of the Whide/Tube sanitisation system, giving added value and functionality to the wide range of our products.  In particular, Multix is a patented refrigeration system that combines different working areas within the same product, as well as achieving significant energy savings thanks to inverter-driven compressors combined with sophisticated electronics.”

Federico Malizia

Human technology and mechanics that learn to collaborate and strengthen each other, becoming one extension of the other.

The CIAM dream is nourished by this harmony, from which a contemporary vision blossoms, linked to the culture of design, the territory, nature and the people who make all this possible every day. In fact, the company is not just a technology hub, but an entrepreneurial concept that puts the literal meaning of life in first place. 

With a strong focus on environmental themes, inside and outside its walls, CIAM is constantly researching sustainable forms of technology and becoming an inspiring force for change for those who choose it. Drastic reductions in emissions and consumption, zero-impact technologies, digitalisation and the use of eco-friendly materials are just a few of the sustainability pillars on which its production lines are based. 

A truly green way of thinking that acts as a foundation on which to build, because in CIAM’s contemporary vision, only things based on solid, ecologically aware principles can truly be called innovation. With the idea of a life cycle in mind, to be preserved both inside its showcases and in the nature that surrounds it, CIAM puts its technology and its spaces at the service of the environment, also by participating in events to raise awareness, hosting and collaborating with brilliant minds in international sustainable design.

Green heart and technological research always aiming at enhancing functionality and aesthetics without compromise, working on the relationship between the two and always with the user and end customer in mind.

NoFog, CIAM’s patented anti-fog system, sets a new milestone for low voltage glass with an innovation that increases the performance of refrigerated display cabinets, enhancing the presentation of products inside.  NoFog allows the transparent effect of standard glass to be achieved even when heated thanks to the use of 8 mm pyrolytic glass and the absence of visible resistances.  Invisible technology that innovates in favour of design and display.

Movement, too, becomes an object of technical innovation and an aesthetic element: the automations developed by CIAM increase practicality of use and transform showcases into performance stages in which products perform as protagonists.

Complex patented systems that use automatically operated levers with electric actuators to open the display case downwards, gas pistons that raise the display shelf for perfect, effortless cleaning, sliding glass tops with soft-closing, motorised rack and pinion mechanical elevations of the upper tops: a list that shows just a few of the technological refinements developed over the years by CIAM, thanks to an engineering department that has worked in great detail to create real experiences of interaction with its display cases. 

CIAM’s technological know-how focuses on providing solutions which, as well as adding new features, have the ability to increase and simplify the performance of professionals who choose its refrigeration systems.

An attitude perfectly represented by the brand’s latest technological innovation: CIAM Connect, the integrated solution for remotely monitoring and managing all the functions of the refrigerator.

“CIAM Connect is an interactive solution designed to achieve a triple advantage, to have connectivity with a SIM card that is not linked to the local data network, to use a dedicated Cloud interface to interact with the machine, downloading operating graphs, monitoring alarms and product performance, and to have a system that is certified to take advantage of the 50% tax credit provided by the National Industry 4.0 Plan.”

Federico Malizia

Walking through the company’s showroom, among the products, systems and innovative technologies that CIAM has been able to create over the years, it is as if a stream of ideas, creative thoughts and intuitions were flowing through you, forming a common heritage, a collective identity: this is CIAM’s DNA.