I AM 3: an immersion in CIAM technology.

The new CIAM house organ focuses on one of the brand pillars, a technical know-how nurtured through the desire to improve and to redesign new perspectives.

I AM 3 explores technology in CIAM, its value and applications, its goals and its transformations. The space has always been the symbol of a highly engineered company vision, for which producing is not the ultimate goal, but the tool with which to evolve.

The last issue of I AM starts with Fabrizio Saltalippi’s editorial, IBM Ecosystem Director Italy. The journey continues through the company, allowing to discover a system producing technological excellence, as acknowledged by patents and revolutionary application such as Multix. A prove of the ability of CIAM of coping with important social changes emerge from the experience of Whide. In his interview, the Product Engineer Alessio Sforna tells us about its experience and about the CIAM’s product, with an attitude always looking at the future.

The new I AM issue threfore reveals an important aspect of what makes the brand an inexhaustible source of innovation: a technological hub with a human heart.

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