CIAM main sponsor of the exhibition “NEL DI-SEGNO DEL COLORE” by the artist OSCAR PIATTELLA

From September 19 to October 5, 2019 at the CERP, Exhibition Center Rocca Paolina in Perugia, the exhibition “NEL DI-SEGNO DEL COLORE” by the artist Oscar Piattella was held, curated by Aldo Iori and with the coordination of Paolo Belardi and Fabrizio Milesi.

The exhibition is organized by UID, the Italian Union for Design, which holds the XVI Congress of the Italian Union for Design and the 41st International Conference of Teachers of the Disciplines of the Representation entitled “REFLECTIONS / the art of drawing / the drawing of art “, with the support of the Cassa di Risparmio di Perugia Foundation and CIAM Spa as main sponsor, the patronage of the Province of Perugia, the Academy of Fine Arts ‘Pietro Vannucci’ and of the Associazione Disegno Ovunque.

Oscar Piattella is one of the most interesting artists on the Italian scene in recent decades and was already present at the Rocca Paolina in 1991 with his personal ” Materia come realtà Materia come sogno “.

This exhibition in Perugia examines the artist’s relationship with drawing, which has always accompanied his pictorial production and is based on a particular series of works, created between 1984 and 1985, which reflect on the theme of the mazzocchio, a faceted ring shape, particularly difficult to drow prospectively, used in Renaissance painting by Paolo Uccello, Leonardo da Vinci and other artists. In the text in the catalog ” Nel di-segno del colore ” the artist links the concept of ‘di-segno’ to abstraction as the first moment of conception of something that does not yet exist, which still has to be shown. The ‘di-segno’ for the artist is “to stand on the edge of an abyss, between the before and after, then the journey to the work begins”.

More than 50 paintings and drawings and projects are exhibited, ranging from the works of the late fifties, rich in propositions, even materic, including works on paper, materic drawings, projects and watercolors, to the cycles of recent years on table such as Stelle and L’altro del colore in which the component of the drawing becomes an intrinsic and inseparable value of painting. “The proportional composition of the space defined by the presence of the drawing, oversees the materic elaboration, the gestural repetition of the sign and the juxtaposition of the drafts and the colors: the drawing defines scores in which the spatial proportion is more and more a fundamental element of the work”, writes Aldo Iori

For the occasion, Fabrizio Fabbri published an extensive catalog of 140 pages graphically edited by Fabrizio Milesi and Francesca Baldinucci which reproduces all the works on display, with many details, with original texts by Oscar Piattella, an introduction by Francesca Fatta , president of the Italian Union for Design, an affectionate contribution by his artist friend Bruno Ceccobelli, a historical-critical text by Aldo Iori, curator and professor of Contemporary Art History at the Perugia Academy, and a text on the question of ‘wall’ in Piattella’s painting by Alberto Mazzacchera, scholar and curator of the subsequent exhibition of the artist’s recent paintings to be held in the Pescheria exhibition space in Pesaro, next spring. There are also poetic pieces by Yves Bonnefoy, Karl Lubomirski and Paul Valery.