Underground Circle: the illuminated space of MDW 2023

Lights and shadows shaped the emotions of a unique space: the striking set of CIAM’s Room C21, as part of Alcova’s event for Milan Design Week 2023, acted as a catalyst for an immersive design experience.

Underground Circle, the concept spotlighting CIAM’s latest innovations, was able to give concrete value to its ambitious vision: to create new perspectives, new usage visions, and new possibilities for interaction. Design at its most expressive is above all a generator of personal experiences, unique paths and different ways of approach. For this reason, CIAM Art Director and designer Fabrizio Milesi centered the focus of the space on Pozzetti Gelato Circle, in a hanging installation, of which the lights revealed the essence.

The performance aimed to break the dark and rough underground atmosphere in a space where visitors are dipped into the senses through the fusion of circular, redundant and infinite sounds, punctuated by dynamic lights and fragrances that evoke sunshine, freshness and ice cream. – Milesi narrates.

We thank the many visitors who decided to get involved in the CIAM experience of Room C21 and for making Alcova one of the must-attend events of Milan Design Week again this year.