HOST 2019. An immersive experience between innovation and design.

The 41st edition of the Milanese kermesse has just ended, an important appointment chosen by CIAM to present the entire range of products dedicated to pastry, ice cream and food and wine completely renewed under the sign of innovation. A true experiential tour within the design, technology and craftsmanship that the Umbrian company has been innovating for over 40 years.

Many are the innovations dedicated to three fundamental clusters: Horizzontal Showcases, Vertical Showcases and Ice Design Live Station, which correspond to 9 top products designed and manufactured following the principles of efficiency, design and customization.

6040 and FLAT. The new series of horizontal display cases 6040 and FLAT re-industrialized and stylized with a new aesthetic concept of essentiality and flexibility in finishes.

JEWELLERY. New display case, used to display fresh pastries and pralines, that shows new stylistic and technological concepts.

6040TS_MULTIX. A refrigerated display case that allows worktops to be set up in temperatures and humidity that can be adjusted and monitored according to customer requirements (patented system). Thanks to the inverter technology and the control software with Technology by Gelsystem, maximum efficiency and performance are obtained on the product.

900 SERIES. Restyling of the horizontal showcases Series900 and750 with 10 new glass structores. The glass structures have heated sides as standard for all refrigerated models, while the front glasses have a glass deflector.

TORTUGA. Horizontal display cabinets TORTUGA have been re-styled and industrialized by introducing new dimensional and stylistic standards.

CLASSIC and EXCLUSIVE WALL CABINETS. These two new families of vertical refrigerated cabinets have been industrialized by introducing some technical, constructive and dimensional principles that will allow you to quickly manage in a flexible way all the cases of customization for the different uses required.

Ice Design Live Stations, product selected by ADI INDEX 2018.
The multifunctional stations having a soft and clean design designed by the creative Raffaele De Angelis have been selected and inserted in the INDEX 2019 to compete for the awarding of the Compasso d’Oro 2019, the highest international recognition to the Italian design.

A great innovation applied to the range of horizontal display cases is the innovative low-voltage glass anti-fog system which uses 8mm-thick pyrolytic glasses that are completely transparent without visible resistances, thus obtaining the effect of a display case standard glass also in the case of hot glass.