VegaFood – Caserta


Teverola, Caserta, Italia 2020 Picariello

Located within the industrial area of Teverola, the Vega Food has become in a short time the reference point of the workers engaged in the area. For this reason, the objective of the design action of the entire restaurant was the possibility to offer spaces and services tailored to the individual worker. This has allowed, inside the same restaurant, the definition of different environments among them, destined to various categories of users, that alternate both during the arc of the day and in the single lunch break. In order to achieve this goal, the attention to stylistic consistency and the wise use of colors and materials have been fundamental, as they have connected the various spaces of the restaurant together defining different areas at the same time. In fact, there are three environments and they start from the same concept to reach different design conclusions, oriented to the needs of the users.

It consists of a large self-serve showcase, in front of which wooden tables are distributed with decorations refer to natural elements. The setting appears convivial but above all dynamic, thanks to the patterns on the floor and ceiling that underline the paths.
The ceiling decorations in brass-plated metal sheet form a design link with the adjacent bar: a setting in which stylistic simplicity gives way to luxury and refined workmanship is combined with fine finishes. The eye-catching bar counter attracts the attention for its Corian front, worked in three dimensions, and for the striking wall covering in blue and gold chromed glass, on which light brass shelves rest. Particular care is devoted to the display of products for sale, reminiscent of American bakeries.
In the adjacent rooms, there is the restaurant, designed for a very demanding category of customers. Workers who decide to have lunch in this new space choose to be surrounded by every comfort, good wine and welcoming staff. The atmosphere is elegant but at the same time not too formal, perfect both for business lunches and private parties. For the hall, both wooden and marble tables and armchairs with a luxurious and comfortable tone were chosen, the background is royal blue, animated by the wall frames and the wallpaper that introduces new depths. Strong impact is guaranteed by the portals with lacquered wood boarding, which, together with the light suspensions, mark the rooms and define the private areas.
Vega Food, designed by Picariello Arredo Design, is located in the industrial context of Teverola. It is a space that in a short time has become a reference point for those who carry out their work in the surrounding area, the atmosphere is elegant but at the same time not too formal, therefore suitable for both business lunches and private parties. The place is divided into three different environments, intended for various categories of users, which alternate both during the day and during the lunch break: the self-service, the bar and the restaurant. For the creation of Vega Food, Picariello Arredo Design has selected CIAM products, and in particular, the 6040 TSB display case for the bar area and the FLAT model with custom glass for self-service.