Ristorante D’Amore – Capri


Capri, Italy 2022 Studio Irvine

D’Amore restaurant, located in Capri gets a makeover and chooses Ciam technology. The supply includes the show cooking counter, equipped with a worktop in Lapitec Bianco Crema Vesuvio with brass bag hooks; The back counter is composed of an Exclusive 74P wall unit for wines, customized in size, the finishes were made in RAL 9002 Grey White; the bar counter includes two ambient Compact basements with exposed brushed steel plates, the top was made in Lapitec Bianco Crema Vesuvio; finally, the cash desk is composed of two ambient elements, also equipped with a top in Lapitec Bianco Crema Vesuvio.

Project: Studio Irvine

Photo credits: Natalia Garcia