Pasticceria Marisa – Arsego


Arsego, Padova, Italia 2021

The famous pastry chef Lucca Cantarin, from Arsego in Padua, the son of a dynasty of ice cream makers for 110 years. He is the owner of Pasticceria Marisa, which offers excellent quality ice cream and baked products.
Pasticceria Marisa has chosen Ciam technology to give its premises a new look. The front cladding was made by the Costa Group.
The pastry area consists of ducted display cabinets model 6040 p800 for pastry and pralines, with welded glass display case model TS h1200. The display surface can be raised thanks to hydraulic pistons. At the customer’s request, the interiors of the display cases were painted in RAL 8014 matt brown.
The cafeteria area consists of a Flat p800 TS h1200 display case with interiors painted in RAL 8014 matt brown; the display surface can be raised by means of hydraulic pistons.
The bar counter is made using the Compact Basic line with drawer units painted in RAL 8014 matt brown.
Finally, the back counter island from the Compact Basic line was supplied, including a cocktail counter, refrigerated cells and neutral compartments. Everything was painted in matt brown RAL 8014.