Mangiarbene – Bastia Umbra


Bastia Umbra, Perugia, Italy 2019 Alfio Barabani

Ciam participated in the creation of the Mangiarbene store in Bastia Umbra, the first luxury food hall of the holding company Viander active in the supply of top-level food and wine products.
The project was designed by the architect Alfio Barabani who was able to create an elegant, welcoming atmosphere with a modernist and contemporary taste.
Ciam supplied: the 6040 TSA horizontal showcase 1000 depth, matt black varnished interior and gres paneling complete with cutting bench and cash desk with natural iron element; two positive temperature Classic Open wall cabinets painted with epoxy powders; a Brilliant Two Sided cheese cabinet; three Murozero custom with lowered height and matt black finish; four neutral wall showcases having shelves with double led lighting and fenix black finish; Compact Basic basements in matt black finish; a custom Esclusive 74S wall cabinet with oversized dimensions of 4x4m for the display of the highly prized Mangiarbene hams.

Photo: Giampaolo Pauselli