Floro In Centro – Bari


Bari, Italia 2020 Lavermicocca Group

Floro has been design thanks to the collaboration between Roberto Lavermicocca Group and the firm Doppia C Architetti. It is a pastry and coffee shop inside Palazzo Jetri, in the center of Bari.
On client request, the colors of the brand were used to characterized the premises giving a strong image.
Therefore, the firm conceived a customized design in which furnishing, lighting, wall color and materials contribute to create a cheerful atmosphere and a pop style.
Materials chosen for the counter are maple wood for showcases paneling and white quartz for the showcases worktop.
CIAM supplied 6040 P1000 pastry and ice-cream showcases with sliding glass structure G1, two of which have a hot plate.
Back-counter walls of pastry zone have two large iron structure for products display.