Cloud & Co. – Doha


Doha, Qatar 2021 Futura

The creative studio FUTURA, located in Mexico, chooses CIAM supplies for the restyling of the traditional gelato shop Cloud and Co, recently opened in Doha, Qatar.

The design followed the inspiration from Escher’s surreal scenes and refers to a dreamlike universe to reaffirm the new gelato culture in a fantastic atmosphere of pastel skies and cotton candy clouds.

CIAM products perfectly fit into the architectural context of the venue. The central counter is the linking element between two distinct areas: the totally pink customer area, where an imaginative and playful world is created by incorporating elements that encourage interaction. On the other side, a totally blue environment creates a mysterious and dreamy scene.  The supply consists of two pozzetti counters, placed in continuity and equipped with 16 carapines inserted flush with the worktop and provided with a handle in Glacer White Corian. The worktop, front paneling and counter sides are made of Corian Whitecap in a matt finish. The operator side was epoxy powder coated in traffic white RAL 9016 color in a matt finish.