Caffè Cognetti – Bari


Bari, Italia 2021 Roberto Lavermicocca Group, Arch. Rocco Mele

The company Roberto Lavermicocca Group, in collaboration with the architect Rocco Mele, chooses CIAM brand products for the renovation of Caffè Cognetti, located in the heart of Bari, in the prestigious via Sparano. The CIAM supply consists of two drop-in channeled showcases, Flat model. The two display cases are fitted with a hot plate powder-coated in RAL 7021 Black Grey, with a matt finish. The company also supplied Compact Basic model refrigerated back counters, with doors painted in RAL 7021 Black Grey, with a matt finish.
To complete the supply, two Murozero cabinets were chosen to match the furnishings, in the low temperature (-18°C) and positive temperature (+4°C) versions.