Bernardi – Grottaglie


Grottaglie, Taranto, Italy 2021 Arredamenti Commerciali

The historic Bernardi business began in 1974 in a small pastry shop in Apulia. It was here that the brothers Mimmo, Giuseppe and Ciro took their first steps into the world of confectionery. After a variety of experiences, they focused their core business on the production of chocolate. Their work is based on continuous research and the fusion of tradition, especially from Apulia, and innovation. It is thanks to their tireless work that today Bernardi is famous not only throughout Italy, but also in Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, Canada, United Arab Emirates, Russia and Romania.
The company Arredamenti Commerciali chose CIAM technology to furnish this prestigious location. The showcases requested were channelled together to form a single counter in aesthetic continuity. The products in question belong to the 6040 P1000 G1 line, supplied with a set-up for pralines, ice-cream and ventilated refrigeration with hot plates. The perimeter surface of the showcases was made of Laminam Calacatta Oro Venato Lucidato, while the display area was painted in matt RAL 8014.
To complete the furnishings, the Compact Basic line of back counter was also supplied, with a worktop in Laminam Calacatta Oro Venato Lucidato, which matches the perimeter of the display cases.
CIAM also created the display wall consisting of a tubular structure painted in RAL 1036 gold with a matt finish, equipped with extra-clear glass shelves installed on a mirrored glass back panel.