Bar Pasticceria Di Muro – Canosa di Puglia


Canosa di Puglia, BT, Italy 2020 Bizzoca Arredi Commerciali

The company Bizzoca Arredi Commerciali has chosen CIAM both for the refrigeration technology and for the complete furnishing of the Bar Pasticceria Di Muro. CIAM has specifically supplied its display cabinets 6040 P1000 with glass structure model G1 for pastry, pralines, ice cream and dry-warm versions. These showcases have been canalized among them and in particular, in the gelato version, there is a single span of L2150 glass that makes the visibility of the product unique. The products have been realized in custom total white RAL 9003 matt finish. It is worth mentioning that the showcases of the 6040 line are equipped with an innovative low-voltage glass anti-fog system patented by CIAM (NoFog patent).

CIAM has also supplied the Compact Basic model back counters.

The materials used for the realization of the premises are Santa Margherita White Vega for the worktops and iron sheet made on sample specifically for the customer.