Serie 900 TS h1200

Modular showcases that can be coupled together.

UV glued glass, heated side glasses, polished aluminium ceiling light with integrated rail for PETG slides with hermetic closing, strip led lighting no spot 3000°K, n.1 intermediate glass shelf, front glass deflector.

Designer: Ciam Lab

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Glass structure

UV glued glass

Front deflector

Front deflector with anti-fog system


Anti-fog single heated glass sides

Modular showcases that can be coupled together.

Ciam presents the restyling of the horizontal showcases Serie900 and 750 with 10 new glass structures (TS_H1200, TS_H1350, R4_H1200, R4_H1350, R4UP_H1200, R4UP_H1350, TSB, S2_H1200, S2_H1350, C3). The standard glass structures have heated glass sides for all the refrigerated models, whereas the front glasses have a frontal deflector. All the glass structures have the same hardware components and all the details was designed and made using micro casting steel stamps. Brilliant aluminium lighting fixture allocate strip LED no spot 3000°K lighting, the upper light fixture has built-in door track for PETG sliding doors (operator side) ensuring hermetic closure of the refrigerated area, this is possible even thanks to the perimetral seal.  The glass shelves are fixed to the sides through two supports allowing to adjust the shelf in depth, moreover, the supports can integrate the lighting fixture as an optional. The refrigerate models have as a standard R290 ecologic gas with internal motor.