Ice Design Gelato Showcase

ICE DESIGN Gelato Showcase is the ice-cream showcase branded CIAM equipped with Pure Acrylic Stone pans created and patented by the designer-gelatiere Raffaele De Angelis.

Designer: Raffaele De Angelis

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Exhibition area

Coplanar exhibition area equipped with pans in Pure Acrylic Stone

Glass structure

Glass structure with heated glasses


Hot-curved betacryl paneling

The modular coplanar system combines design, dynamism, mechanical and thermal resistance. Thus, the ice cream pans become an essential accessory and an integral part for the shop communication, making the multifunctional top customizable with full and empty parts, cylindrical tubs, popsicle holders and classical ones, able to convey the emotion and dedication hidden behind the product that the ice cream maker creates every day in his laboratory. BETACRYL® Pure Acrylic Stone used for the ice-cream is an innovative, anti-bacterial, hygienic, fireproof and waterproof material that combines excellent mechanical and thermal resistance properties, is able to retain the acquired cold and gradually release it.