Grab&Go R290

The Grab&Go R290 line of refrigerated cabinets is designed to meet the growing market needs for plug-in refrigerated equipment, using the eco-friendly gas R290.

With this innovative range, CIAM offers sustainable and efficient solutions for the display and storage of refrigerated products at positive and nagative temperatures, while meeting environmental requirements through the use of an eco-friendly refrigerant.

Designer: Ciam Lab

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Possibility of customizing the interior layout by choosing from various types of shelves

Wall-mounted ventilation

The ventilated wall system allows for larger refrigerated volume


All models in the range can be placed sequentially

The new Grag&Go R290 range of refrigerated cabinets offers a wide dimensional choice: the positive-temperature models have four different lengths (900 mm, 1200 mm, 1800 mm, and 2400 mm) to meet all design requirements. The depth is 790 mm, while the height is a maximum of 2050 mm.

Positive-temperature Grab&Go R290s can be supplied with Open set-up, equipped with a microperforated fabric curtain with magnetic hooking and glass baffle, or with single-glazed Eco doors.

Products can be customized by choosing between panoramic double-glazed sides (20 mm each) included as standard, or solid sides (30 mm each). Customization is also achieved through a choice of various types of shelves, adaptable to any display requirements.

The negative-temperature Grab&Go R290 are available in three lengths (700 mm, 1400 mm, 2100 mm), the depth is 790 mm while the height is 2050 mm. These models have solid sides and premium triple-glazed doors, and the shelves are made of RAL 7036 plasticized steel.  

Positive-temperature cabinets can be channeled in aesthetic continuity without an intermediate side panel, while all models in the range can be placed sequentially next to each other.