Drop-in GN PVT refrigerated on all display levels – 1 shelf

Totally refrigerated showcases GN1/1 version with 1 intermediate shelf to be recessed in the surface.

Designer: Ciam Lab

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Display area

Display surface designed to house GN 1/1 trays adjustable in height.

Perimeter frame

Perimeter profile in polished aluminum for installation on the worktop

Glass gantry

Double-glazed glass gantry with 1 intermediate shelf adjustable in height

Refrigerated display cases on all display levels to be recessed into the top. Drop-In GN display cabinets have GN1/1 tray measures. Interiors can be customized in a variety of finishes (powder-coated steel, gres, acrylics, HPL). The models with glass gantry have all double-glazed thermal glass and "black" screen printing, the intermediate shelves are height-adjustable on a low-voltage electrified rack that feeds the no-spot LED strip lighting on each shelf. Access to the refrigerated compartment is closed by double-glazed sliding doors on an aluminum frame in black finish. The hardware is common for all the display cases and all the details have been designed and manufactured with micro-fusion steel moulds.