Ciao Straight Glass

CIAO is the professional, Plug-In gelato showcase.

Glass structure with mechanical fastening, the top glass can be open through polished s/s micro-hinges, heated front and sided glasses with patented anti-fogging system, polished aluminum ceiling light with built-in door track for plexiglass sliding doors, which ensure hermetic closure, strip led no spot 3000°K lighting.


Designer: Ciam Lab

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Fan ventilated refrigeration with double air flow system in order to guarantee ice-cream temperature equalization

Front and side glass

Front and side glasses in single heated anti-fog system glass

Top glass

Top glass can be lifted up through micro-hinges integrated to the no spot 3000 K LED light fixture

CIAO gelato displays have been designed to have excellent performances, they have hermetic motors with ultra-fast, reverse cycle defrosts; air flows through a double channel ensuring the perfect distribution of cold on each pan. The tanks are monolithic covered in steel and insulated with ecological polyurethane, the exhibition area is in stainless steel. The range is composed by 4 models: L1150 (12 flavours), L1650 (18 flavours), L2150 (24 flavours), L2150 (12+12 flavours at different temperature). New kind of panels are now available: expanded sheets and perforated sheet, customizable in painting. Sides in HPL, available in three colors: white, black and grey.