Alcova under a new light

The beauty, expressive and inspirational power of Milan Design Week is back, and so is an event that over the years has been able to sum up its most authentic and avant-garde values: Alcova.

The itinerant design platform, Alcova, reaches its fifth edition and does so in a new location, capable of offering new stimuli and unprecedented experiential paths. The evocative spaces of the former Slaughterhouse of Porta Vittoria are being reimagined and are the setting for a renewed collaboration with CIAM.

In Room C21, Fabrizio Milesi designs a set that invites people to discover design, to observe how the perception of an object changes as emotions vary, and to be captivated by its multiple dimensions. CIAM brings to Alcova a revolutionary concept based on the new Pozzetti gelato Circle, disruptive in physical, functional, technological and aesthetic rules.

CIAM will be waiting for you from April 17 to 23 at Alcova to surprise you.