Multix: the first intelligent refrigeration system.

Here comes the revolutionary technology that guarantees savings and management improvement.

From a collaboration between CIAM and Gelsystem comes Multix, the first revolutionary intelligent refrigeration system patented by CIAM, which facilitates and digitizes the functions of the instruments and allows constant energy savings.

Multix technology can be applied to Ciam’s 6040 display cases and allows different worktops to be combined within the same product. An intuitive touch screen implements electronic temperature and humidity control. In addition, the ability to remotely control and digitize the functions of the display cabinets increases the security of the production activity.

Thanks to inverter technology and the control software developed with Gelsystem that eliminates electrical resistances by replacing the heat generator with hot gas injections, fluctuations in temperature and humidity curves are reduced to a minimum, avoiding sudden changes and keeping trends constant. This brings a large energy saving, and therefore economic, of 40% compared to traditional systems, with a cut of 50 kWh per showcase per month.

The smart refrigeration revolution starts with CIAM.