The history, experience and design of Ciam land at the Polytechnic University of Milan.

27 JUNE 2019

Leisure Lounge e Restaurant Design, this has been the theme that on the 24th of June saw Ciam as the protagonist of a lesson during the VI edition of the advanced professional training course edited by POLI.Design, consortium of Polytechnic University of Milan.

The course was created to explore new design dynamics with the aim of identifying innovative concepts in line with the international trends. During its second part, focused on project work have been analysed the technical aspects of the most innovative products of companies leader in the specific market with the aim of comparing in class all the protagonist of the world of food retail: from operators to managers, from designers to the sector companies.

In front of a public of architects and designers, the Ciam Sales Manager Davide Urelli went through the most important stages of the brand’s history in the Ho.Re.Ca world. He focused the attention on the new path taken together with Fabrizio Milesi in the role of Art Director in 2015 which placed design next to innovation and technology, elements which for over 40 years characterize CIAM’s design and production.

The origins, the transition from the founder Giuseppe Malizia to his son Federico, the productive investments, the international market, and above all the most important moment that established the crucial change that leads Ciam towards a new perspective, the architecture one. So we have products such as Murozero, Murozero Slide and Move 16, all of them designed by Fabrizio Milesi, and Case Histories strongly “architecture” oriented, such as Pasticceria Marchesi Prada and Caffè Fernanda, located in the Pinacoteca di Brera.

A path marked by innovation and customization ability, high quality and attention to dealers and designers.