More well-being, more productivity, more sustainability

Air conditioning is a fundamental aspect of well-being in the workplace.

In line with the company’s attitude to continuous development, sustainability and improvement of the quality of its employees work conditions, Federico Malizia – CIAM S.p.A. – has chosen to invest in the construction of an air conditioning system worth € 700,000 dedicated to the heating and cooling of the production sector. The heat pumps are able to produce hot and chilled water for the winter and summer air conditioning of the system, positively affecting the health of workers.
The system has taken only three month to be installed. The core is a heat-cooling system consisting of two “twin” heat pumps each with a heat output of 495KW. It was built to serve the production facility covering an area of ​​22,000 square meters and with a cooling capacity of 518 kW and 20 Air Handling Units.
During the summer, while the heat pumps produce chilled water for cooling, the hot water system will be used for the spray painting booth and the curing ovens. This will allow an important recovery of the thermal energy from the heat pumps themselves, with global energy efficiencies far superior to any traditional system.
The air conditioning system is managed by a “Building Management System” supervision system, thanks to which it is possible to remotely program the logical sequence for the activation of the two heat pumps to achieve maximum energy savings, the regulation of the Treatment Air Units, ambient temperature regulation, monitoring and analysis of energy consumption.
“In order to make the workplace more comfortable for people and to have an ever-lower impact on the environment” Malizia states “it was decided to invest in an intervention that combines energy efficiency with corporate welfare, in agreement with our ethical vision of doing business, which considers the competitive advantage closely linked to collective well-being and social responsibility “, he concludes.