Evolution, leadership, and diversity for Cristina Colaiacovo

The thoughts and words of Cristina Colaiacovo, President of Fondazione Perugia, open I AM’s latest edition.

— Humanity has never known moments of stillness or absolute equilibrium. It may have experienced periods of stillness, but it has never stopped its constant progress toward change. Evolution, Pythagoras argued, is the very law of life. If the twentieth century brought transformations of an unprecedented nature, both quantitatively and qualitatively, the years we are now living seem marked by an even greater acceleration of the relentless flow of history, prompting each of us to oscillate constantly between excitement and concern.

From the world of work to family dynamics, from technological advancement to climatic conditions: there is no sphere of existence that does not appear to be at the threshold of momentous changes.

Society, for the first time, is being called upon not only to seize the opportunities of progress, but to rewrite in depth its habits and organizational patterns, aware of Darwin’s lesson that, in the end, it will not be the strongest species that survives, but the one that can best adapt to change. In this uncertain context, as new rules for managing urban, professional, corporate, and environmental space emerge, one certainty stands out above all others: the role of women can be instrumental in shaping a culture of innovation that is inclusive, collaborative, and truly focused on social responsibility.

Gender diversity in leadership can pave the way for new ideas and perspectives, shaping a community in which all can thrive.

Women’s empowerment is a direct investment in tomorrow, as it results in a more cohesive society capable of addressing emerging challenges in a different and just the fairest way. Recognizing and supporting women’s contributions is not only a matter of equality, but also the key to unlocking the full potential of an encouraging and sustainable future for all. A future to be looked at no longer as a threat, but as a promise. —